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We offer consulting and implementation services for Zoho Finance Plus, providing a range of cloud-based finance tools to streamline your business operations. Achieve your long-term financial goals with our customized solutions and automate your back-office operations. Zoho Finance Plus is designed to entice customers to act quickly and streamline critical financial tasks.

    Zoho Finance Plus: The Ultimate Solution for Managing Your Business Finances

    Looking for a solution to streamline your business accounting? The Zoho Finance bundle is designed to help you overcome all your accounting challenges. It provides access to essential finance applications such as Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Expense, and Zoho Checkout. With this bundle, you can simplify tax calculations and eliminate accounting errors effortlessly.

    If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that offers insight into your order and fulfilment processes, look no further than Finance Plus. It provides a simple accounting and reporting platform for all your business needs. As a fully compliant platform, Finance Plus caters to all your back-office requirements.

    From invoice management to order tracking and accounting, our integrated finance suite covers all aspects of your back-office operations. We’ve included crucial features to ensure that your business complies with all regulations seamlessly.

    Zoho Finance Products


    By integrating into the Zoho Finance Suite, Zoho can now support tax rules specific to your region. Depending on your area and edition, the available tax types will be customized to suit your requirements. Additionally, you can set up any other relevant taxes and exemptions. When adding services and parts, you can specify the applicable taxes, and they will automatically be pre-filled in your estimates and work orders.

    Online Payment Methods

    Minimize payment delays by providing customers with the convenience of online payments. Supported by the Zoho Finance Suite, Zoho facilitates various payment gateways. Please set up your preferred gateways within the integrated Zoho Books/Invoice account, enabling customers to pay securely through their preferred channels.

    One-click invoicing

    You don't need specialized skills to create an invoice using the Zoho Invoice integration. Transform work orders into customized invoices by selecting the services to bill and the payment terms. You can generate invoices regardless of the work order status and quickly send them to your customers via the web or mobile app.

    Multi-Currency Support

    Utilize multiple currencies within Zoho to expand your business globally. You can specify the currency when entering customer details through integration with the Zoho Finance Suite.

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    Several Applications, One Unified Platform

    All Zoho Finance applications are designed to collaborate effortlessly. Any data input into one app synchronizes across the others, ensuring real-time updates and keeping your information current.

    Enhanced Quote-to-Cash Workflow

    As sales teams create quotes and orders within a single application, these details become instantly accessible across other platforms. This enables respective teams to swiftly process orders, invoice customers, and manage payments without delay.

    Speedier Employee Expense Refunds

    Zoho Expense streamlines the approval process for reimbursements, simplifying the claiming of expenses for your employees. Their expenses are automatically categorized into the correct accounts, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

    Tax-compliant Solutions

    Our finance applications are tailored to manage a unified taxation structure, ensuring a simplified and convenient tax filing process.

    Simplified Administration

    Utilizing a singular administrative console, managing multiple users across diverse departments becomes effortless. You can centrally add users and grant role-based access to various applications from a centralized panel.

    Zoho Finance Plus

    These are the key elements that make up Zoho Finance Plus:

    Zoho Finance Plus
    Zoho Books

    Zoho Books is accounting software that enables businesses to manage transactions, track income and expenses, create invoices, and generate financial reports.

    Zoho Invoice

    Zoho Invoice is software designed to create, send, and manage business invoices and estimates.

    Zoho Expense

    Zoho Expense is software that simplifies the management of employee expenses. It allows you to automate expense reporting, track expenses, and ensure compliance with company policies.

    Zoho Inventory

    Zoho Inventory is a robust inventory management software that allows businesses to keep track of their stock levels, manage orders and purchases, and handle multiple warehouses with ease.

    Zoho Subscriptions

    Zoho Subscriptions is software for managing subscription-based services and automating recurring billing.

    Zoho Payroll

    A cloud-based solution for managing payroll in compliance with tax regulations.

    By consolidating several applications into one suite, Zoho Finance Plus provides businesses with a comprehensive financial management solution, improving efficiency, reducing manual tasks, and providing better control over their financial processes.

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    xponential Digital is a certified Zoho partner tailored to meet the needs of your business. We specialize in ZOHO solutions, from implementation and development to customization and end support. We help businesses take advantage of the latest technology to grow their operations.

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    Have any Questions On Minds? Asked Questions

    To achieve success in Zoho Finance, it is crucial to start the journey, measure success, and implement best practices.
    What are the Features included in Zoho Finance Plus?
    You can access the Zoho Finance suite, including Zoho Subscriptions, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Expense, and Zoho Books (or Zoho Invoice). Please get in touch with us for pricing details.
    Is My Data in Zoho Finance Secure?

    Yes, Zoho Finance employs robust security measures to safeguard your data.

    Can I Connect Zoho Finance with other Accounting Software?
    Yes, Zoho Finance offers integration capabilities with select third-party accounting software.
    What Support Options are Available for Zoho Finance Users?
    Zoho Finance provides various support channels for its users, including email and chat support.
    Are there limitations on user numbers or transaction volumes in Zoho Finance?
    Yes, specific subscription plans may have limitations on users or transaction volumes.
    How customizable are the reports in Zoho Finance?
    Reports in Zoho Finance offer moderate customization options to tailor them to your needs.
    Does Zoho Finance support multiple currencies for transactions?
    Yes, Zoho Finance facilitates transactions in multiple currencies for international operations.
    Is Zoho Finance entirely cloud-based, or can it be accessed offline?
    Zoho Finance is primarily a cloud-based platform, though some functionalities may be available offline.
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