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Zoho One is an integrated collection of enterprise applications for small and medium-sized enterprises. It offers centralized control to manage multiple business applications, including sales, marketing, accounting, and collaboration. Zoho One’s high-quality applications cater to solopreneurs, startups, and SMEs. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems and supports online applications for mobile devices and native versions.

    Revolutionize Your Business with Zoho One: The Ultimate Software Suite

    Zoho One presents a comprehensive solution to your business requirements within a unified suite. By providing tools for collaboration, sales, marketing, and more—all consolidated on a single platform—it streamlines operations, saving time, expenses, and complexities. This complete suite of business applications enables more ingenious work processes, assisting in achieving goals through an integrated system. Featuring modules for project management, office productivity, customer relationship management, and other functionalities, Zoho One optimizes costs on software subscriptions while maximizing workforce efficiency.

    Zoho One is a comprehensive business suite that empowers over 500,000 businesses across 180+ countries. With Zoho One, accomplishing tasks is just a few clicks away. Seamlessly track sales, marketing, accounting, and collaboration efforts through our integrated applications. Zoho One is a unified business software package for small and midsize businesses. It comprises:

    Zoho One Products
    Zoho One Applications

    Zoho One

    A singular platform catering to sales, marketing, accounting, collaboration, and team management needs.

    Zoho CRM

    A robust CRM solution managing sales, marketing, and customer engagement.

    Zoho Books

    An online accounting software that serves as the central hub for all financial applications in the Zoho suite. This software is similar to QuickBooks in many ways. Its top benefits include the ability to send out digital estimates, seamless integration with CRM, and user-friendliness. However, it doesn't integrate with significant payroll providers.

    Zoho Creator

    Low-code platform that enables users to build their applications quickly. It offers a wide range of possibilities and is highly adaptable.

    Zoho Analytics

    Part of the BI suite that helps to analyze data and create reports, dashboards, etc. Zoho's analytics has excellent data connectors for both internal and external providers and allows data manipulation within the application.

    Zoho Inventory

    It is a solution for managing your stock, fulfilling orders, and controlling the inventory of your products. It integrates with other Zoho applications and is excellent for essential inventory management. However, there may be some challenges when integrating with sites such as Shopify and advanced inventory tracking.

    Zoho Payroll

    Payroll management solution that integrates well with Zoho Books but has limited features and usability.

    Zoho Survey

    An application for conducting outbound surveys that collects data from both internal and external leads/contacts. It is highly user-friendly and easy to deploy, with excellent branching logic and seamless CRM integration.

    Zoho Forms

    It can be shared as a link or embedded to capture data along with advanced tracking of UTM parameters. They offer great integration across multiple Zoho Applications, can trigger workflows, and are highly customizable.

    Zoho Social

    Social media management app that integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. It features excellent reporting, team collaboration tools, centralized management, and CRM lead automation.

    Zoho Sites

    Zoho's website builder offers quick website creation with blogging, business, and photography features. The simple interface integrates with other Zoho applications and includes excellent hosting servers.

    Zoho PageSense

    Website monitoring tool that tracks visitors, locations, A/B testing, heatmaps, and more. However, its reports are not always reliable.

    Zoho SalesIQ

    Tracks website visitors and includes chat widgets. SalesIQ 2.0 offers codeless bot building, real-time tracking, and reporting.

    Zoho Commerce

    It is a modified Zoho Sites version, similar to Shopify or WooCommerce, that is easy to set up and integrates well with Zoho Inventory.

    Zoho Backstage

    Introducing Zoho - the all-in-one event management software. Create custom event and vendor pages, manage your events, and print badges more efficiently. Zoho does not charge a commission on ticket sales, so you keep all your revenue.

    Zoho Desk

    Zoho's help desk software includes a ticketing system, knowledge base, and client portal. It's simple to set up and comes with various useful extensions. The design of the user interface is well-crafted and easy to use, with an intuitive layout that allows for smooth navigation.

    Zoho Sign

    Digital signature app with great CRM integration, simple Sign Tag for Sign Field automation, and low cost per signed document. However, user permission and access controls are limited.

    Zoho Assist

    Secure and user-friendly remote desktop software that supports multiple monitors.

    Zoho Lens

    An AR tool that enables users to connect via mobile, with built-in annotation features for camera sharing.

    Zoho Mail

    It can also be your hosting service, boasting exceptional Zoho integrations, internal communication streams, task management, and a user-friendly interface.


    Platform that enables organizations to share emails collectively. It is very simple to set up and seamlessly integrates with Zoho Mail. Although Zoho Desk is typically the preferred solution for most organizations, a shared inbox is also a viable option for smaller businesses.

    Zoho Cliq

    Versatile internal communication tool that helps teams organize conversations and information quickly. It integrates smoothly with other Zoho apps and has bot capabilities.

    Zoho Projects

    A project management tool with Gantt chart features, team task management, solid integration with Zoho CRM and Sprints, and great for templated processes.

    Zoho Sprints

    An agile tool for project management that breaks a project into smaller sections. It is simple, easy to use, and integrates well with Zoho applications.

    Zoho Connect

    Intranet platform designed to serve as a central hub for communication within your company. It includes town halls, forums, manuals & guides, and a task management system for simple Kanbans. The task system is feature-rich, but integration with other Zoho apps is limited.

    Zoho WorkDrive

    An online file management system similar to OneDrive or Google Drive. It offers ample storage, tagging, metadata, and granular sharing controls.

    Zoho Meeting

    Digital meeting platform that is quite similar to Zoom. It boasts an excellent user interface with regular updates and seamless integration with other Zoho apps. However, it only permits the scheduling of meetings through Zoho Bookings. Additionally, the quality of the recordings could be improved.

    Zoho Learn

    It was released in 2021 as an internal LMS suitable for internal training. It is user-friendly and allows easy creation of manuals, quizzes, courses and more.

    Zoho Writer

    It is a cloud-based word-processing tool that integrates seamlessly with other Zoho applications.

    Zoho Sheets

    Powerful spreadsheet application similar to Excel, with excellent charting and function capabilities and constant updates.

    Zoho Notebook

    Lightweight note-taking tool similar to Evernote. It has an excellent interface and browser integration, making it easy to use. Unfortunately, it still lacks integration with Zoho CRM.

    Zoho Show

    Presentation software similar to PowerPoint provides a great selection of templates and page automation. The software also allows for easy data import from other applications.

    Zoho Vault

    An outstanding password management solution that offers exceptional integrations and high-level security.

    Zoho Invoice

    A stand-alone invoicing software solution. It allows you to send invoices and pay online, has great integrations with the CRM, and is easy to migrate to Books.

    Zoho Checkout

    Simple solution for single-product E-commerce purchases. However, it is limited in terms of post-purchase capabilities.

    Zoho Expense

    Valuable tool that enables your employees to report their expenses. An excellent mobile application allows them to scan and submit receipts easily. This tool also has a QuickBooks integration. However, it lacks some overall functionality that other similar applications offer.

    Zoho People

    A comprehensive HR solution that streamlines your entire HR process. It offers a wide range of features, including excellent timesheet management. However, having too many features can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if the user interface is confusing. As a result, it can be a challenging product to learn and use effectively.

    Zoho Campaigns

    Versatile platform utilized for email marketing purposes. It facilitates both individual email broadcasts and drip campaigns. It seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, making it a dependable and excellent tool for email marketing campaigns.

    Zoho Subscriptions

    This tool is an excellent aid for managing subscriptions with automated billing on a monthly or yearly basis. Setting up, integrating into your website, and receiving payments is simple. However, it may not be suitable for product subscriptions. Additionally, it tends to create duplicate customers, which can be inconvenient.

    Zoho Marketing Automation

    It was released a few years ago, and it has a lot of the same functionalities as Zoho Campaigns, along with website tracking features.

    Zoho Recruit

    An applicant tracking system (ATS) that offers end-to-end hiring solutions for staffing agencies, HR departments, and temporary workers. However, it lacks email integration and needs a user-friendly interface.

    Zoho Contracts

    This product, released in 2021, offers lawyer-approved templates and contracts for businesses.

    Zoho Bookings

    Platform that enables customers to reserve a resource depending on its availability, shown on a calendar.

    Zoho Flow

    A tool for developers similar to Zapier, enabling easy data imports into Zoho via webhooks.

    Zoho Reports

    A potent dashboard for monitoring business performance.

    Zoho DataPrep

    Tool that enables you to modify and convert data. By utilizing AI technology, you can save substantial time that would otherwise be spent manually making changes. This tool helps handle extensive databases and refine data before importing it into Analytics or CRM.

    Zoho One is ideal for any business type and incorporates user-friendly integrated applications that save time, money, and effort, allowing you to focus on your business priorities.

    Zoho One offers an all-inclusive solution for small businesses, encompassing apps like CRM, Project Management, Accounting, and more—an entire package for business operations. Its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities ensure smoother business operations.

    A preferred choice for SMEs, Zoho One, is a unified suite handling CRM, marketing, accounting, customer support, and more. It’s akin to having a versatile team at your fingertips.

    Evaluation, implementation, deployment, and support services are all available on one platform, offering exceptional services through advanced software solutions. Opting for Zoho One streamlines your business operations, enabling your team to collaborate effectively and manage nearly every aspect of your business on a unified platform. Our skilled consultants adeptly cater to your business process requirements, aiming to elevate your business to the forefront of the industry.

    Tailored business workflows offer visualization, analysis, and organization of your business data, delivering valuable insights. We consolidate every business project management tool and sales report into a centralized location. Customize your dashboards within the pre-built Zoho One Applications to gain a swift overview of your business using interactive dashboards. Zoho One empowers you to automate your business processes comprehensively while providing real-time collaboration tools for enhanced team communication and interaction.

    Why Choose xponential Digital?

    xponential Digital, a premium Zoho One consulting partner, possesses comprehensive expertise in the complete range of Zoho products, notably Zoho One, incorporating over 45 robust business applications. These applications seamlessly integrate functions like accounting, sales, marketing, e-commerce, event management, forms and surveys, web engagement, live chat, customer support, email hosting, project management, and more.

    Key Features of Zoho One

    Key Features of Zoho One

    Zoho One offers over 45 contextually integrated applications, complimentary native mobile versions and 3000+ third-party apps in the marketplace. With Zoho One, you can easily add all the applications you need to your dashboard.

    The Zoho One platform is designed to be easily customized to meet the unique needs of organizations across various industries. With the help of developer platforms and low-code custom app builders, users can easily modify the pre-built applications to suit their specific requirements. The platform also provides a unified UI and built-in dashboards with over 50 widgets, enabling real-time data tracking.

    Zoho One was designed with security and privacy in mind, emphasizing data protection and allowing for customization using developer platforms to meet organizational needs.

    Transform your ideas into action by selecting tailored software solutions for swift and effective outcomes. Drive business growth with cost-efficient software endowed with robust features.

    Elevate your organization with a comprehensive office suite and the expansive Zoho One software.

    Streamline lead capture and automate workflows.

    Integrate additional applications within the Zoho One dashboard.

    Encourage collaboration through an efficient project management system.

    Utilize time tracking and Gantt Charts functionalities to maintain project momentum.

    Access various applications at competitive prices covering sales, marketing, HR processes, and more.

    Unified Licensing Model.

    Moreover, alongside customizable business apps, it offers complementary mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, enabling seamless connectivity with your team wherever you are. Enhance productivity and bolster business efficiency across multiple channels.

    Key Features of Zoho One
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    To achieve success in Zoho One, it is crucial to start the journey, measure success, and implement best practices.

    What languages does Zoho One support?
    Zoho One is available in multiple languages. Here's a list of the languages it supports: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
    Does Zoho One support mobile devices?
    Zoho One supports the following devices: Android, iPad, iPhone
    Does Zoho One offer an API?
    Zoho One offers an available API for use.
    What level of support does Zoho One offer?
    The following are different ways to receive help or support: Email or Help Desk, Knowledge Base, FAQs or Forum, Phone Support, and Chat.
    Can I use third-party applications with Zoho One?
    We strive to offer a complete suite of applications to run a business, but we understand that our suite may not address all business processes. We are committed to developing integrations with third-party applications to make it easy for you.
    Do you offer implementation services?
    Yes, we offer implementation services.
    If I require assistance in importing data from external systems into Zoho One, can Zoho provide support?
    Yes, we can assist you in migrating to Zoho One.