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Zoho Payroll is designed to assist your business with payroll management. Zoho Payroll is an efficient tool that helps to streamline information, generate reports, and reduce manual efforts. It helps construct a better workplace by making payroll management less stressful and time-consuming. Accurate payroll calculation is crucial for any business to comply with the taxing authority.


    Automatic Payroll Calculation

    Generate pay slips and run the payroll with just a few clicks. Automatically calculate taxes, allowances, and deductions.

    Embrace Diverse Salary Structures

    Create different pay slabs for employees based on roles and assign appropriate templates.

    Pay Employees On Time Every Time

    Automate salary transfers to employees' bank accounts with instant online transfers and bank advice.

    Straightforward Statutory Compliance

    Ensure statutory compliance and simplify tax reports with our PF, PT, ESI, LWF, and IT services.

    Encourage Employee Self-service

    Reduce the burden of employee requests and enable seamless collaboration between employees and your payroll staff.

    Fine-tune Admin Privileges

    Facilitate payroll processing by inviting qualified staff and maintaining control of user roles and access based on roles.


    Zoho HR Payroll Benefits

    Automatically sync your employee profiles

    Enable personalized salary components

    Calculates and Generate Reports Automatically

    Accurate and timely payment of salary

    Manages Statutory Compliance and Reporting

    Self-Service Option for Employees

    Admin Privileges and Powerful Administration

    Fast Onboarding Process

    Easy and Effortless Payroll Processing

    Industry-specific Pay Schedule

    Customized One-time Earnings

    Secured Pay slips Online

    Localized Tax regulations

    Make accurate tax deductions along with tax-ready reports

    Zoho HR Payroll Benefits


    Zoho Payroll simplifies salary calculations, ensures compliance with local laws, and efficiently manages all statutory requirements. Experience Zoho's complete HR Suite solution, which seamlessly integrates HRMS, Payroll, and Accounting. This allows you to increase productivity and reduce manual work.

    Why Choose xponential Digital?

    Our Zoho consulting partners will assist you in comprehending and executing the software for your enterprise.

    As an authorized Zoho Partner specializing in Zoho Payroll, we have domain experts proficient in payroll processing. Our expertise lies in streamlining your payroll procedures by automating various aspects, from integrating with HRMS systems like Zoho People to capturing LOP data, managing employee information, handling employee investment declarations, computing taxes based on declarations, managing reimbursements, configuring salary components based on employee roles, generating payslips, facilitating an Employee Self-Service Portal, developing statutory reports compliant with local government regulations, overseeing pay runs and approvals, managing salary revisions and employee loans, producing Form 16 for India, handling multiple work locations, and integrating with Zoho Books. We take the time to understand your business needs and tailor Zoho’s localized payroll solution to ensure compliance with local government standards while proposing the most suitable processes for your payroll operations.

    Our experts work with your Payroll and HR teams to understand your business process and policies. We develop new HR strategies, enhance the existing payroll process, and configure Zoho payroll to align with your organization’s payroll policies. We also identify and configure Payroll integrations to HRMS (Zoho People) and Accounting (Zoho Books).

    xponential Digital offers expert consulting services for Zoho Payroll, helping businesses optimize their time and cost. Our payroll experts follow industry best practices, identify process gaps, derive new process maps, and align payroll policies with the company’s vision. HR experts optimize the payroll process at every stage, providing a complete automated Payroll Solution.

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    Have any Questions On Minds? Asked Questions

    To achieve success in Zoho HR /Payroll, it is crucial to start the journey, measure success, and implement best practices.
    What exactly is Zoho Payroll?
    Zoho Payroll is a comprehensive tool to streamline and automate business payroll processes. It facilitates salary calculations, tax deductions, compliance adherence, and employee self-service.
    What kind of functionalities does Zoho Payroll offer?
    Zoho Payroll encompasses various features, including payroll management, employee self-service portals, tax computation, customization for salary structures, compliance management, and seamless integration with HRMS systems.
    Does Zoho Payroll comply with local regulations?
    Zoho Payroll is meticulously designed to align with local tax and labor regulations, ensuring accurate payroll calculations, deductions, and statutory filings specific to each region or country.
    Can Zoho Payroll integrate with other Zoho apps or third-party software?
    Indeed, Zoho Payroll integrates with multiple Zoho applications such as Zoho Books, Zoho People, and selected third-party software. This integration streamlines data flow and operational efficiency.
    How secure is the data stored in Zoho Payroll?
    Security measures in Zoho Payroll are robust, incorporating encryption protocols, access controls, regular backups, and industry-standard best practices to safeguard sensitive payroll data.
    Does Zoho Payroll handle complex payroll scenarios?
    Zoho Payroll can handle complexities like multiple work locations, diverse salary structures, varying taxation rules, and other intricate scenarios. Its customizable features cater to diverse organizational needs.
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