Driving Digital The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation

Digital innovation is basically the use of technology to create new products, services and business models; it is a key driver of competitiveness. It helps companies innovate faster than ever and creates opportunities to compete in new markets and industries.

However, digital innovation is not just about applying technology to existing businesses: it requires an entirely new approach to product design, production, distribution channels and customer engagement.

Let’s learn more about digital innovation in this article. Here, you will also know how low code automation platform impact digital innovation.

What is digital innovation?

Digital innovation uses technologies to create new business models and disrupt existing ones. A process that helps organisations stay relevant in the fast-changing world of technological advancements, digital innovation has become an essential part of organisational strategy for companies across industries.

Digital innovation is also a vital element of the digital transformation process. It can complement other components of the digital transformation strategy, such as data analytics or customer experience management.

Moreover, it is an integral part of the digital transformation process. It can complement other components of the digital transformation strategy, such as data analytics or customer experience management. Digital innovation is not just about technology and tools; it also involves new ways of working and thinking.

An example of application of digital innovation

Digital innovation is a powerful tool for driving growth in any industry. The healthcare industry has long used digital platforms to provide free access to medical records and connect patients with doctors through online appointment booking or video chat.

Digital innovation can also be applied to retail and financial services, with companies like Amazon and Uber using the principles of data collection and analysis to improve the customer experience while reducing costs.

In the financial services industry, digital innovation has created a range of products and services that appeal to consumers. This can be seen in creating Robo-advisers, which use algorithms to make investment decisions based on the client’s risk tolerance and goals.

These innovations can be used to provide better services with less overhead costs. However, for financial services companies to fully benefit from digital innovation, they must also embrace the importance of data collection and analysis.

Why is Digital Innovation needed?

The world is changing at a rapid pace. As you know, the digital revolution has put our lives in constant flux. That’s why it’s essential to stay relevant and keep up with these changes as fast as possible—or risk being left behind by your competition.

Digital innovation can help you do that. It gives you a competitive advantage because it allows your business to stay ahead of the curve by finding new opportunities for growth, developing new products and services, or improving existing ones based on customer feedback.

Tips to start your digital innovation initiatives

We’ve got some tips for you if you’re wondering how to start your digital innovation initiatives.

Well, first, make sure you have a plan and a team in place. Next, take time to understand what makes your business unique. What are the biggest challenges facing your industry right now? What is most important to your customers? Why do they choose to work with you instead of another company?

Once you know those things, brainstorm ways that technology can help solve these problems or improve the customer experience in some way. Once all this is done, get started on building your prototype!

What is the role of low-code development in digital innovation?

Low-code development helps you to bring in digital innovation faster. By enabling business users to extend capabilities and tailor applications with point-and-click simplicity, low-code development allows you to focus on business logic rather than coding. This means you can build more secure applications like asset management tracking system software, procurement management system software, etc. with less effort and cost while being more agile with your go-to-market strategy.

Low-code development is a great way to start your digital journey. It’s an easy way to get started with a minimum viable product, but it also offers the flexibility and power needed for more sophisticated applications. You should use the best low code development platform for building innovative applications and kick start your digital innovation game.


Digital innovation is the future of business. It’s a world where the physical and digital worlds intersect, blending to create new possibilities and experiences that were never possible before. Digital innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of thinking about how your company can do better business in this rapidly changing economy.

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