Navigating UAE Payroll with Ease Zoho Tailored New System Unveiled

The solution enables businesses to streamline payroll management, automate monthly payroll tasks, and guarantee compliance.

Today, the prominent global technology company Zoho introduced Zoho Payroll, a specialized payroll management software for businesses in the UAE. This solution empowers businesses to streamline payroll procedures, automate monthly tasks, and maintain compliance effortlessly.

“Businesses commonly encounter significant hurdles in managing payroll, such as consolidating employee records from various origins while adhering to local labour laws. Zoho Payroll is a contemporary solution tailored for UAE businesses, ensuring inherent compliance, automating monthly payroll duties, and seamlessly integrating with pertinent data sources. Featuring a user interface akin to consumer-grade standards, the solution simplifies payroll management for finance teams and elevates the employee experience through an intuitive self-service portal. Today’s launch aligns with our recent strides in addressing Corporate Tax compliance for UAE businesses, reinforcing our dedication to supporting enterprises within the country,” stated Prashant Ganti, Head of Product Management at Zoho Finance and Operations Suite.

Among the foremost hurdles for UAE businesses in the current landscape is maintaining compliance with diverse labour laws such as the Wage Protection Systems (WPS), pension schemes, and end-of-service benefits. Furthermore, executing a single pay run demands gathering pertinent employee details from disparate systems encompassing attendance, deductions for lost workdays, and reimbursements. This underscores the need for a contemporary solution that grants the adaptability to fetch contextual data from relevant sources while guaranteeing adherence to local regulations.

Zoho Payroll presents a contemporary payroll solution encompassing features like managing employee onboarding and offboarding, handling benefits, an employee self-service portal, simplified one-click payroll processing, and generating real-time payroll summary reports. The system automatically ensures comprehensive compliance concerning gratuity and pension scheme contributions based on the employee’s nationality. Additionally, Zoho Payroll offers advanced customization options, enabling businesses to personalize fields, salary components, email notifications, reminders, and alerts. Notably, it introduces a unique payroll insights capability, allowing organizations to visualize a snapshot of their pay run for a specific period, providing clarity into individual components within that payroll cycle.

Businesses can empower their employees through a self-service portal. Employees can access their salary details, download payslips, receive document-related notifications, check salary updates, monitor loan repayments, and communicate with the payroll team. The user-friendly interface simplifies these tasks and significantly enriches the overall employee experience. Additionally, employees can access this portal via the Zoho Payroll mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices. This guarantees instant and convenient access for employees to perform essential functions whenever needed, offering a user-focused approach to accessing payroll information.

Zoho Payroll arrives with built-in integrations: Zoho Books to automate accounting entries, Zoho Expense for employee expense reimbursements, and Zoho People for employee details and leave data. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with Zoho Practice, a recently launched practice management software for accountants. This integration allows accountants to access their client’s pending pay runs, unapproved revisions, and payments. They can also handle employee payroll documents and establish expiry notifications. Additionally, accountants can collaborate with clients through voice, text, or video calls and share crucial payroll-related documents.

Pricing & Availability

Zoho has launched a new payroll software, now available starting at AED7 per employee per month, billed annually.


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